Guideline for E-Poster

Thank you for submitting the abstract submission for the upcoming IVBM 2020. As many of you are already aware, the meeting will be held as a hybrid format featuring both online and on site platforms due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To accommodate this change, the IVBM2020 will host an e-poster session instead of traditional poster session.

To facilitate interaction between poster presenters and the audience, we encourage you to record a brief description of your presentation preferably no longer than 5 minutes using a voice recording function, and add to your presentation file. While not required, we are certain that adding a short audio clip will help you to better communicate with the audience and will increase your visibility to the poster judges.

All e-poster presenters must register and pay the applicable registration fees by the Pre-Registration Deadline (August 15th, 2020) to remain in the program. Please go to the Registration page on the IVBM 2020 website at .

Below is the brief guideline to help you prepare your e-poster.
Formatting guidelines and suggestions

Please make sure to include the Poster Code, Topic, Title and Presenter’s Name, Affiliation, and Country on the first slide of the presentation.

Create a recorded slideshow version of your e-poster.
The file should be saved as “eposter code_firstname.lastname.mp4”   

Please refer to the attached file “IVBM 2020_E-poster voice recording guideline_final.pdf” to see how to record and convert your file using PowerPoint.

For those who do not want to record your voice for your presentation, follow these steps:
  A. Export -> set each slide time to 20-seconds
  B. Click ‘create video’ (this will allow viewers to watch your presentation as one continuous video.

File Format: MP4, WMV (Recorded PPT Slideshow version)

File Ratio: 16:9 format (widescreen)

Language: English

Capacity & Page: less than 200MB and Limited to 10 pages. (no longer than 5 minutes)

Font & Font Size
We suggest presenters only use the default font (e.g. Verdana) for your text. Please make sure that the font of the title is at least size 18 and the font of the content is at least size 14. Make sure to avoid unnecessary clutter and "special effects" that do not add value. Keep the background simple and subtle; use a light colored background for the main slide body. Do not use WordArt, reflections, drop shadows, 3D, semi-transparent fills or textured backgrounds; they are unpredictable and are not necessary. Please check on all typographic and grammatical errors before uploading your file(s).

Template: click and download the template.

If you have any troubles uploading your E-Poster, please send an email to