I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the University of Helsinki. I have a background in cell biology and angiogenesis research. My current project aims to understand the mechanisms controlling vascular stability and permeability. Specifically, my project focuses to elucidate the role of Sharpin, an integrin inhibitor and a component of the LUBAC system, in the vascular endothelium. My studies highlight a role for Sharpin as a regulator of vascular permeability. My earlier work, in the Tallinn University of Technology, identified a protein called CD44 as a regulator of angiogenesis and as a potential target for anti-angiogenic therapy.

Date Time Room Session/Title Presentation
Presentation Title Role
Sep. 12 (Sat) 10:40-12:20 Symposium 28
Vascular Inflammation
11:40-11:50 (Short Talk) Endothelial Sharpin Regulates Vascular Leakage in Inflammation Speaker